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At Dominant Truck & Accessories, we know how much you love to make your truck stand out from the crowd. Customization rules in the automotive aftermarket world.

We're here to provide you with LINE-X in a full spectrum of color options thanks to LINE-X XTRA. Whether we code your LINE-X XTRA to match the color of your vehicle or your favorite color, you'll be able to have the personalized look you need with ease. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a service.
Line-X Color Match Xtra

Customize Every Aspect of Your Truck

Choose Your Color
The LINE-X technicians at Dominant Truck & Accessories will get a sample color code for whatever you have in mind and pigment any of our high-performance coatings just the way you want. Whether you want a silver truck bed or a candy-apple red rocker panel, we've got you covered.

With virtually infinite color options, you can create a truly custom look for your truck with the added confidence that comes with LINE-X protection.

Stronger Protection
LINE-X XTRA provides another dependable layer of protection against scratches, gouges, and punctures.

UV Protection
Ultraviolet light radiation can have adverse effects on the appearance and color of your bedliner. LINE-X XTRA works like sunscreen, helping to minimize the effects of harmful UV damage.

Superior Gloss Retention
LINE-X XTRA provides a long-lasting, rich gloss that will give your truck bed that fresh, clean, just-sprayed look.

Permanent Bond
When LINE-X XTRA bonds to your LINE-X bedliner, it bonds for good. This permanent, seamless topcoat of color adds an unbeatable layer of protection that you won't get anywhere else.
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